EA and Marvel Announce Multi-Game Deal

Three titles, starting with Motive Studio's Iron Man game, on the way from Marvel and EA

By AlexJohn, Posted 01 Nov 2022

In September it was announced that Motive Studios would be developing an Iron Man video game. At the time it was also suggested that this game would be the first in a new collaboration between Marvel and video game publisher EA.

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On October 31st EA and Marvel officially announced a long-term deal to develop at least three new action-adventure games. "Each of these games will be their own original story set in the Marvel universe", with the first being Motive Studios' Iron Man game. Jay Ong, Executive VP at Marvel Games, has called EA the right company to "take our characters on heroic journeys in ways we haven't before." However, Ong also said that players will only learn more about the upcoming projects "in the far future". This deal is just the latest arrangement between EA and Disney, with the pair partnering up with Respawn on three Star Wars titles, starting with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

EA doesn't have a monopoly on Marvel video games, however, with 2K Games publishing Fireaxis' Marvel's Midnight Suns, Sony publishing Insomniac's Spider-Man and Wolverine games, and Skydance New Media's Captain America/Black Panther game helmed by Amy Hennig. All of which are in various stages of development.

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