Rayman Returns in Mario + Rabbids: The Sparks of Hope Season Pass

Mario + Rabbids: The Sparks of Hope Season Pass has three story DLCs

By AlexJohn, Posted 02 Nov 2022

The Mario + Rabbids: The Sparks of Hope Season Pass has been revealed and it brings back a beloved platforming character. Developed and published by Ubisoft in collaboration with Nintendo, the Mario + Rabbids series is a crossover between everyone's favorite mustachioed plumber and the loud, annoying Raving Rabbids. 


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Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope's Season Pass will have three story DLCs. The first, a Season Pass exclusive, is called The Tower of Doooom and releases in Early 2023. DLC 2 is set in a jungle environment and pits Mario and the Rabbids against "a mysterious foe on a new, enchanting planet" in Mid 2023. Finally, "Rayman, Rabbid Peach & Rabbid Mario embark on their own adventure" in DLC 3 in late 2023. The Rabbids originally appeared in a Rayman spin-off game so it is only right that Rayman makes a long-overdue return in Sparks of Hope.

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is out now on Nintendo Switch.

Alex Johnson (@AlexJohnWriting)
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