Far Cry 6 Goes Full Sci-Fi With New Expansion 'Lost Between Worlds'

Lost Between Worlds teams Far Cry 6's protagonist with an alien AI

By AlexJohn, Posted 29 Nov 2022

Far Cry 6 is getting a new expansion on December 6th called Lost Between Worlds. The Far Cry franchise is no stranger to trippy, reality-bending experiences and with this expansion, Ubisoft Toronto is shattering Yara, the world of Far Cry 6, apart.

Far Cry 6's protagonist Dani Rojas returns and has put their revolution on hold to make first contact with an advanced alien AI called Fai. When they shoot down Fai's spaceship, the explosion traps the pair in a set of protective simulations. To be free of their new prison, Dani has to collect five shards of Fai's ship and rebuild it.


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Dani is sent out into the fractured worlds of Yara to recover the shards. Lost Between Worlds has five environments, called Rifts, to explore. Each Rift is "a twisted slice of Yara full of surprises, dangers, and diverse gameplay challenges." Players will travel from Rift to Rift unlocking shortcuts and branching paths between them. . Puzzles, environmental hazards (including a ferocious lightning storm and a submerged city), challenging parkour, and a new enemy type stand in Dani's way. The new enemy type is called Shardfaces and combat works through a color-based system. These crystalline enemies come in blue and red variations and can only be killed with a weapon of that color (which will also be available in the core game). Far Cry 6: Lost Between Worlds costs $19.99 as a stand-alone expansion to Far Cry 6, and is also available in the Far Cry 6 Season Pass.

Alongside plenty of new details about the Lost Between Worlds expansion, Ubisoft Toronto also announced that Far Cry 6 is getting New Game Plus, a new difficulty mode called Guerilla Mode, and a Completionist Aid to help collectible hunters vacuum up all of Yara's secrets. There is also a free Demo of Far Cry 6's opening hours on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC (via Ubisoft Connect). All of these are available from 29th November.


Far Cry 6: Lost Between Worlds releases December 6th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC (via Ubisoft Connect), and Amazon Luna.


Alex Johnson (@AlexJohnWriting)
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