High On Life Becomes Biggest Xbox Game Pass Launch

High on Life, the comedy shooter by a Rick and Morty co-creator, has become one of the most successful Xbox Game Pass games ever.

By LCLupus, Posted 21 Dec 2022

High on Life has managed to surpass three major Xbox Game Pass milestones to become the most successful launch of 2022. High on Life is the latest game by Squanch Games, the game development studio founded by the Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland, and for those unfamiliar with this game, it’s the one with the talking guns.

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This news was announced on Xbox Wire, and it confirmed that High on Life has become the Xbox Game Pass’s biggest launch of 2022 in general, the biggest third-party launch on the platform ever, and the biggest single-player launch of all time. Basically, High on Life has managed to become the most successful game of the year on the Xbox Game Pass in many ways.

According to the report, these stats were attained by measuring the number of hours played in the first five days of High on Life’s release. In response to this, Mike Fridley, the Studio Director and COO at Squanch Games, stated: “This was our first time launching a game with Game Pass, and we’ve been blown away by the response from the players who have made us the most popular game on Game Pass right now. When Squanch Games was first created, it was to make the games we wanted to play – and Game Pass is helping us reach the players that want to play those games too.”

Squanch Games has not released all that many games yet and has only really released two other larger games since its inception: Accounting and Trover Saves the Universe. However, High on Life has become the company’s most successful game thus far.

High on Life has proved to be a comedy shooter that fans enjoy, and the game can be found on the Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Windows, and on the Xbox Game Pass.  

Justin van Huyssteen (@LC_Lupus)
Senior Editor, NoobFeed

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Platform(s): Xbox One, PC
Publisher(s): Squanch Games
Developer(s): Squanch Games
Genres: First-Person Shooter
Themes: Sci-Fi, Comedy, RPG
Release Date: 2022-12-12

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