The New Street Fighter Is Out Now! [Clickbait] (Not Real)

Do you want to play the new Street Fighter? Duel is technically that game!

By Daavpuke, Posted 01 Mar 2023

Street Fighter 6 is still a way out, but if you can't wait until June 2023, then you might want to check out the latest Capcom drop. If you've got a phone, like Blizzard assumes you do, you should go check out Street Fighter Duel.

Out on both iOS and Android for free, Street Fighter Duel molds the franchise in a gacha game. If you don't know what that genre is, you may know of its systems. You collect a range of characters with different strengths, put them on a team, equip them with gear and you can boost all of these elements separately. Raid: Shadow Legends is a gacha game, for example. You know what Raid is; you've been on the internet.

Street Fighter Duel, Street Fighter 6

As the resident gacha player, who has picked multiple of these titles as a Game of the Year contender, I can reassure you that the trappings of its microtransactions isn't all that bad. At least, it's very standard, as is the rest of the game. The most that Street Fighter Duel escapes from the known team builders is that it takes some inspiration from Slay the Spire; adding a branched progression ladder to fight through.

Everything else in the game is standard fare. There are team fights of different classes and elements. You can either fight automatically or input Super moves manually, for a more optimal damage output. You can join a guild, take on different players and send some of your roster on resource collection missions.

The added value of Street Fighter Duel comes from how ridiculously stylish it is. The game is dripping in visual flourishes, just like the main games. The animations are sharp as a tack and every special really pops. If you're coming to this game, it's to see cool stuff happening on your phone screen.

Developer A Plus Japan is licensing the series from Capcom. Previously, the studio has worked on games for My Hero Academia and The King of Fighters, so they're not on their first rodeo. It might not go on to set the world on fire, but Street Fighter Duel is a good time, so far. It certainly makes the wait for Street Fighter 6 easier.

Daav Valentaten (@DaavPuke)
Editor-In-Chief, NoobFeed

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