Live A Live Heads to Steam and PlayStation Consoles

A demo is now live for both platforms.

By Fragnarok, Posted 31 Mar 2023

Live A Live is no longer a Nintendo Switch Exclusive. Square Enix has announced that the remade RPG will be coming to Steam, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 on April 27. Along with the trailer, a demo has gone live on all of the platforms. It allows players to try out the first chapter of all the main seven heroes - the eighth is unlocked after fully completing the others entire scenarios; and import save data to the full release.

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The original Live A Live released on the Super Famicom in in 1994. It had no official western release, but came to notoriety via fan translations, emulator sites, and larger RPG forums. Square Enix had remained silent about the game for over a decade, most likely due to it releases so late in the Super Famicom and Super Nintendo’s life cycle. Not even an older school port was made for online shops like the Nintendo eShop.

The remake was likely spurned to the success of Octopath Traveler, which rekindled interest in a 2D RPG - though using HD computer graphics to give a semi-3D feel. Director Takashi Tokita has stated that he had pitched a Live A Live sequel or remake for years, but did not get the go ahead until Octopath Traveler sold record numbers and spawned a mobile spin off.

The Live A Live remake was showcased in 2022 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. However, its release on other consoles is not much of a surprise. Past exclusives like Final Fantasy VII Remake headed to PCs a year after its launch on PlayStation consoles. Even the Octopath Traveler was on both Xbox One and the ill fated Google Stadia. Though, some hardcore Nintendo have expressed their distaste online that an exclusive is now gone to competitors.

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