Destiny 2 Leak Shows Leveling Changes Coming Next Season

A new supposed leak for Destiny 2's shows the overhauled leveling system coming in Season of The Deep.

By DShelley, Posted 11 Apr 2023

There certainly have been plenty of changes coming to Bungie's shooter, Destiny 2. The launch of Lightfall and Season of Defiance brought many new quality of life fixes, as well as improving the overall gameplay and if a supposed recent leak is to be believed, plenty more is on its way.

In the game's upcoming next season, Season of the Deep, the leak claims that the developers intend on refreshing the leveling system, as the current gear-based leveling system left many players feeling unsatisfied and many have asked Bungie to fix it, and it seems that the developer intends to, supposedly. In the most recent expansions, the two major focuses were the buildcrafting and Guardian Ranks, if the leak is to be believed, it would seem that Bungie will be shifting their focus onto other aspects of the game.

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Season of the Deep, will continue where players left off in the previous expansion, Lightfall and Season of Defiance. Guardians will continue warring against the forces of The Witness. So far, that is as much as we know as it seems the developers are keeping things rather hush-hush. However, there are hints that we may be returning to Titan. Another thing we do know is that there is a weapon refresh for Crucible, Gambit, Iron Banner, Trials, and Vanguard. This will hopefully give players more than enough time to grind for the weapons they want before they get removed when Season of the Deep rolls around.

As for the new leveling system, previous leaks have hinted that Bungie intends on moving away from Destiny 2's current level system, which is gear-based and relies heavily on players grinding for new gear and equipment. According to a recent leak, instead of grinding for new gear, players will have to grind for "Power levels". These can be earned by completing challenges and earning XP. Completing weekly and seasonal challenges will earn players roughly two to three levels depending on difficulty, while players will earn one level for every 250000 XP they earn.

As with most supposed leaks, this should be taken with a grain of salt but if it does prove to be true then, it would essentially put an end to players sunsetting weapons and allow players to use some of their favorite weapons from their vaults as they will finally be usable again. This will also mean that players will be able to use two rather infamous weapons, such as The Mountaintop and Recluse which dominated Destiny 2 for months after the Forsaken expansion.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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