Mafia 4 Will Have Online Multiplayer Mode

Mafia 4 game will include a full-fledged online multiplayer mode for coop.

By Rayan, Posted 17 Apr 2023

Mafia 4 is on its way, and it appears that the game will not only offer a single-player experience but it will also have a full-fledged online multiplayer game mode. This is exciting news for fans wanting to play this game with friends. It's similar to the Grand Theft Auto Online experience we've had. Yesterday, there were some new details came out, and it appears like Mafia 4 will be the most impressive next installment in the Mafia video game franchise as a whole. Nevertheless, according to the information we've been given, the Mafia franchise is set to make a comeback with Mafia 4, and it seems like this installment will be the most interesting one yet.

Unreal Engine 5 will be used to create the game's jaw-dropping aesthetics, accompanied by a whole new stealth gaming system and multiplayer gameplay features. The open-source version of Unreal Engine 5 is, by a wide margin, the best engine currently available on the market. Hangar 13's developers are maximizing the potential of the game's engine and the capabilities of the next-generation consoles. The implementation of new technologies into the game has the potential to work wonders toward reclaiming the game's former grandeur.

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Nonetheless, the release date will be relatively soon, and we cannot anticipate Hangar 13 providing any release date information. It would appear that Hangar 13 has been planning on producing this game for a very long time, and if the rumor is to be believed, it seems that Mafia 4 will not be available for purchase for at least another two to three years after its first release. They are attempting to make this project one of the most ambitious while also trying to put in a lot of work, which is why they are taking so much time. While there's no information on the release date yet, the best news is that there will be a mode for playing the game with others.

Regarding open-world games, notably games like Mafia and Grand Theft Auto, we are familiar with how the multiplayer game mode works and what it entails. We know that Grand Theft Auto Online has been an enormously successful venture, and it is obvious that no other company could compete with Rockstar Games. Because they spend and invest an enormous amount of money in their games, which is why their games are consistently ranked among the most impressive works of art, they have a competitive advantage over other game developers.

Though Mafia 4 or even the multiplayer component, it is obvious that Hangar 13 does not have a particularly large budget to work with. Thus, you should anticipate something less massive than Grand Theft Auto 6 or even GTA Online at this point in time. But the amusing reality is that we will, at the very least, receive a Mafia online multiplayer game option, which is already excellent and exactly what we all anticipated.

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