Konami Plans to Use Original Voice Files for Metal Gear Solid: Delta

While it makes sense, the situation could have been handled better by Konami.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 31 May 2023

In the recent news, we have learnt about the emergence of the new Metal Gear Solid remaster called Metal Gear Solid: Delta. Long time fans are quite ecstatic and curious about where it will lead, as it is totally produced and directed by Konami without series’ original creator Hideo Kojima. After Kojima left Konami, Metal Gear’s IP was left to Konami to fiddle with and we cannot say they have done their best. Although we can expect the same, this time we are hopeful as they are just going to polish the old games to the best of their capabilities.

Despite all the hope of receiving a well-polished product, Konami wrong-footed straight away by letting us know about using the same voice files for the remaster. A recent interview with the head of Konami Americas, Tommy Williams, revealed that Konami will use the same voice lines without any alteration. This means the files which were used in the old builds will be apparent in the remake. It has both pros and cons of course, pros being it will save a huge time and hassle, however it won’t fit the graphic-sound synergy in the game. Same sort of incident happened when Rockstar Games approved the remaster of their 3D era games. The company who was tasked with the port used the same voice files from the 2000s and it sounded way too crusty compared to its visual counterpart.

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Lots of people have been building trust on Konami since the reveal trailer of Metal Gear Solid: Delta, however it's better to keep our skeptical thoughts about it. Yes, it is great to know that all classic Metal Gear games- except Snake’s Revenge for some reason- are coming to PC, but it is also important that Konami delivers it in a manner that fits Metal Gear’s legacy.

Atilla Turan
Editor, NoobFeed

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