Workshop Support for Amnesia: Dark Descent is Finally Here

Amnesia: Dark Descent is celebrating its 13th birthday, with a nice gift to loyal fans.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 04 Jun 2023

Known for their well-known horror game franchise, Amnesia, Frictional Games is getting ready to release the next installment called Amnesia: The Bunker. Though for some, Amnesia might be as recent as last year’s release, however learning that the first game Amnesia: Dark Descent is now 13 years old on the other hand, is almost the same as a kick in the gut. Time does fly, and Amnesia as a whole is still a highly praised series of games when it comes to the horror genre. 

In order to celebrate its long-lasting fame, and also get people to know about Amnesia: The Bunker, Frictional Games have decided to add workshop support for Amnesia: Dark Descent after 13 years of being available to players on Steam. One might ask what sort of things that people can add to a horror game, and it's fairly reasonable to do so. Frictional Games is actually offering the whole package of their game engine used for Amnesia called HPL, so that people can make their own campaigns, stories, mods and maps. Before the Steam Workshop support, people usually resorted to bigger modding websites such as ModDB and Nexus in order to find custom campaigns or unique mods.

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Frictional Games is familiar with the modding community and endorse people who make Amnesia customizable in their own way. Although people might want to create and add mods to Amnesia: The Bunker as soon as it’s released, the open-world gameplay and new story will make the players want to keep themselves to the vanilla game for a while. Amnesia: The Bunker is expected to be released on the 6th of this month, but it's great for Frictional Games to keep the spirit of their old games still active by adding support that is needed and wanted by players for a really long time.

Atilla Turan
Editor, NoobFeed

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