Players of Diablo IV Want Changes To Be Made to Paragon Glyphs

Many players of Diablo IV feel as if the Paragon Build, an important aspect of endgame building, needs to be reworked.

By DShelley, Posted 30 Jun 2023

It would seem that Diablo IV has plenty of changes coming its way. However, it would seem that while these are impressive, many players feel as if the Paragon Grid that is currently in the game is poorly implemented and just frustrating to deal with. This becomes more of an issue if you consider how important the grid is when creating endgame builds.

That's not to say that Diablo IV is a poorly executed game, quite the opposite actually as currently the game is Blizzard's most successful title to date. The game has many excellent features, such as its open world that is rich and packed full of content, the campaign features a great story and narrative, and its five classes feel unique from one another, especially thanks to the recent boost they received. Despite all these wonderful features, the game indeed does have its shortcomings, such as a distinct lack of quality-of-life features.

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Blizzard has definitely been listening to the demands of fans and as such, the developers have made multiple changes and adjustments since the games release in closed-beta. Probably one of the biggest and most notable changes that were made came in the form of Patch 1.0.3, which mainly focused on buffing and balancing the game's five character classes. Along with these changes, the patch also changed many things such as tweaks for Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4. It has been confirmed that more extensive changes are planned to later be implemented, these will sadly, only be added during season 2 of Diablo IV. 

This is definitely a good thing and shows that the developers care, but many fans think that the game has some definite room for improvement, especially in its endgame content. A Reddit user known as UsernameIsntFree, noted that the endgame Paragon Grids all appear to be exactly the same with nothing to set them apart. This lack of diversity is something that was also noted in Legendary Aspects in Diablo 4. Combine both with the chaotic inventory sort function and it's understandable why players have become so frustrated.

Diablo IV is indeed a great successor to Diablo III, and has made many changes that were not seen in the previous entry, though fans feel as if this wasn't enough and that Blizzard had more than enough time to implement these features during loss. Diablo IV will definitely still be updated and improved as time goes on, but we will have to see if Blizzard makes these changes to Paragon Glyphs.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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