Starfield Leaker Charged With Felony After Stealing Early Copies

After stealing a lot of copies of the upcoming Starfield, the thief tried to sell it on online marketplaces too.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 27 Aug 2023

As we approach the release date of Bethesda’s new RPG, Starfield, leaks are starting to pop up left and right. One of the odd leaks came from someone who allegedly held a copy and played it for a while, then uploaded the 40 minutes of gameplay to YouTube. Not only that, the leaker also had few copies to spare, which he was planning to sell on various online markets. Nobody knows who handed the copies of the Starfield, nor how he got hold of them, but one thing is for sure: he got arrested a few days ago by police.

The footage was taken down a long time ago by copyright strikes made by both Microsoft and Bethesda. Although it is gone, during its uptime, there were lots of screenshots and spoilers still being circulated, thanks to the existence of the leaked gameplay video. Since the arrest, the person who leaked Starfield's gameplay has been handed a felony charge of stealing and as well as charged for carrying drugs. Since then, the thief, who goes by the name Calvin Harris, has posted his bail notice online. It is unknown what will happen next to him after bailing, but he stated a few things on Twitter about Starfield despite the game being the sole reason why got arrested in the first place.

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Thief published a video, talking directly to the chairman of Bethesda Todd Howard, stating how well done the game is and they have done their best so far. The whole atmosphere and gameplay feel were on top, and according to him, he is grateful for holding such a polished game. Obviously, this is a subjective statement by the person who played it for a few hours, the actual criticism will appear once the game gets released to the public.

According to IGN, the reason for the arrestment was chosen to be possession of an unreleased game, which we think was the same reasoning for the person who leaked GTA 6’s first build videos and threatened to leak the whole source code to the internet.

Despite everything seems to be sorted out for both parties, the leaks of Starfield might just keep coming until the game’s release date. A few days ago, the achievements of Starfield were leaked online, giving an idea of what to expect from it with certain titles and achievement descriptions given. So our suggestion is to watch out for any potential spoilers that can come out from certain groups or pages on social media.

Starfield will be released for PC and Xbox X|S platforms on the 1st of September for people with early access, and 6th of the September marks the day of public access to everyone who owns a copy.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
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