Nintendo Allegedly Showcased Switch 2 at Gamescom to Developers

Nintendo was probably planning to showcase their upcoming console for a while, they saw the chance and took it.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 07 Sep 2023

Last month, at Gamescom, Nintendo had their own booth to showcase their new titles as well as gather with fans. Although it seemed very normal, it turns out there were other secret acts going on behind the curtains of the Nintendo booth. The rumored behind-the-scenes action was showcasing the new Nintendo console, dubbed by many as “Switch 2”. This showcase was only open for developers who attended Gamescom and of course done privately to showcase the specs of the new, upcoming Nintendo console.

According to rumor, the game showcased was a custom-built version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It allowed us to pinpoint which parts of the new console were capable of accomplishing and showed the differences between the first and the second iteration of the Switch. It was possibly a demo, so we do not expect to receive a remastered version of the Breath of the Wild anytime soon.

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This rumor seems plausible, as some other sources stated that the new Nintendo console might be revealed next year and some games such as Metroid Prime and a new Princess Peach game might be released on the new console. As for the current generation of Switch, Nintendo still has a lot of ground to cover in terms of its projects. There are more than a few games planned for its release such as a new WarioWare title, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and the beautiful-looking remaster of the SNES classic Super Mario RPG.

According to some other sources, the development kit of the new Switch 2 has already been distributed to key developers in order to let them start making games with the new console in mind. Although, again, this was not confirmed, the alleged 2024 release or the showcase does support the idea of distributing devkits early on.

Nintendo currently hasn’t given out any statement about this matter and again, this is a rumor, so take this with a pinch of salt and not overhype the whole situation.

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