Xbox MasterCard Announced

Microsoft recently announced that Xbox MasterCard is in fact a thing and players will be able to earn points to buy games and more.

By DShelley, Posted 13 Sep 2023

Ah, poor financial decisions and gaming, a combo that goes together like PB&J. Now, it would seem that gamers will be able to earn redeemable points to purchase games and other additional content on the Xbox Store, thanks to the Xbox MasterCard that was recently announced by Microsoft.

The reason behind the Xbox MasterCard was because Microsoft themselves felt that people who use their Xbox platform should get more from their purchases, hence why they have partnered with none other than Barclays to create the exclusive card. As for how the card works, it is actually very simple, players will earn redeemable points for every $1 they spend on the Xbox Store, Microsoft Store, streaming services, dining and delivery services, and various other types of purchases. Sadly, as of writing, the Xbox MasterCard is only available to Xbox Insiders, meaning you can't go on a spending spree just yet.

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Microsoft is definitely putting plenty of resources behind their gaming services and the Xbox Brand as a whole, especially with their Xbox Gamepass subscription service, that allows their users to have access to a wide variety of games, both old and new without having to pay for each standalone game and instead, only have to pay a monthly fee. Arguably Xbox Gamepass gives gamers plenty of value with their purchase and it would seem that the new Xbox MasterCard will add even more to that.

The Xbox MasterCard itself isn't anything fancy and works similar to an everyday credit card, as mentioned earlier, the card is made by Barclays US Consumer Bank and is currently only available to Xbox Insiders, living in the US. The card has no annual fee and allows you to earn points for every $1 you spend. Players will be able to redeem these points on the official Xbox website, from there, they can spend the points on games and add-ons of their choosing.

Users will earn 5000 points after their first purchase, which is roughly $50 and if you're a new GamePass member, you get 3 months free. Users will gain 5x points by purchasing software on the official Microsoft Store and 3x points by using streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+. The card comes with free online access to FICO Credit Score as well as fraud liability protection.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
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