Gearbox Publishing Is Bringing Back Previously Shut Down Multiplayer title, Gigantic

An exclusive weekend event has been announced by Gearbox Publishing as they bring back the canceled project, Gigantic.

By DShelley, Posted 04 Oct 2023

Usually when a project has been announced as canceled or shutdown, that's most likely the last we will ever hear of it again and it's usually once in a blue moon when we see an old project get revived. Well, Smurfs must have taken over the moon because the once permanently canceled multiplayer game is making a return, temporarily that is. Gearbox Publishing has announced an exclusive invite only weekend event, where the publisher will show off old canceled projects, including the would be free to play third-person hero shooter, Gigantic.

You're probably very unfamiliar with the title. Gigantic was very similar to games such as Overwatch but was also a MOBA, the game featured massive AI guardians and team-based combat. The game began development in 2013, the developers Motiga had successfully acquired funding from Perfect World Entertainment a year later. Despite how ambitious the project was, this same ambition proved to be its downfall due to multiple delays, its rival hero shooter, Overwatch, beat it to the market and took most of the spotlight. Sadly, servers for the game went offline in 2018, this was just a few months after the game got a full launch. 

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Now, as mentioned earlier after, with the servers shutdown, there's hardly any chance of a project coming back but according to an email that was sent out this Tuesday by Gearbox Publishing, it would seem that for a very short time that players have once again been invited to the game for an exclusive Throwback Event. The title of the email read "You're Invited to Play Gigantic (Again!)" And included an invite to play the game on 5 and 6 October 2023. Note that there is one major catch to this event, and it is that it is invite only - Meaning that even if you did play the game before it shut down, unless you received an invite, you won’t to be able to relive the glory days and players have to agree to an NDA.

Now, as exciting as it is to see the return of Gigantic, what probably makes the Limited time event even more exciting is that the game will now include brand new features that haven't been seen in the game before. This could indicate that Gearbox Publishing may be considering making Gigantic a free to play title once more. To clarify, Gearbox Publishing was previously known as Perfect World and rebranded in 2022.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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