Bioware Is Being Sued By 7 Ex-Employees

The Dragon Age developer is being sued by a group of former employees, for wrongful termination and numerous other violations.

By DShelley, Posted 04 Oct 2023

Just when you think things couldn't get worse for Bioware, it would seem that the developers behind Mass Effect and the Dragon Age series are now being sued by seven former employees who were laid off back in August. The group cites legal violations as well as wrongful termination from the studio. 

To say that Bioware has fallen on tough times, is a major understatement. From constant development struggles, to disastrous release after disastrous release, such as Mass Effect Andromeda and the infamous live-service title Anthem, it seems the developer can't catch a break.

Fans haven't had much faith in the studio, especially after the delays with Dragon Age 4, and the massive layoffs that saw the studio eliminating over 50 positions back in August of this year. The terminations seem to be followed after Bioware's parent company, EA Games, did their own series of terminations.

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These layoffs are rumored to be an effort to restructure the mega-publisher, as well as cut development costs. While Bioware has attempted to reassure fans that things are going smoothly, the former employees seeking legal action say otherwise. Seven former employees that were laid off in August have taken legal action against the developer. The filed Statement of Claim, which was filed with Alberta's Court of King's Bench, had plaintiffs requesting the former employees receive fair severance pay, as well as punitive damages for what is said to be "unreasonably poor treatment by Bioware ''. R. Alex Kennedy from Worobec Law Offices, will be the lawyer that will be representing the employees, Alex has stated that Bioware fired these workers without a justifiable reason and have therefore violated the Employment Standards Code of Canada by attempting to reduce said employees' termination pay as well as benefits.

This doesn't come as much of a surprise as it is alleged that these former employees did attempt to negotiate with Bioware. However, the other made by the company was less than desirable. A former employee that is involved in the case did say that they will still be supportive of the upcoming projects, but are confused by the developer’s decision and are currently struggling to find work because of it. It's sad to see a once acclaimed developer now a shallow husk of its former self, neither Bioware or EA has commented on the situation, but considering how things are going for Bioware, this lawsuit may be the final nail in the studio's coffin.

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