Mass Effect 4 Could Utilize An Unreal Engine Tool

Michael Gamble, an executive producer for BioWare, recently revealed that the next Mass Effect game could use an Unreal Engine Tool.

By DShelley, Posted 21 Oct 2023

Well, if you were doubting that Mass Effect 4 was even still a thing, we seem to have some confirmation that the title is still in development and that the next Sci-Fi RPG could utilize an exciting new character creation tool, exclusively available for Unreal Engine 5. This will be a much-needed improvement, considering how "unique" character faces were in the previous Mass Effect title, that being Mass Effect: Andromeda, which utilized EA's Frostbite 3 engine, an engine which focused mainly on first-person shooters.

If you are familiar with video game development and Unreal Engine 5, then you are also most likely familiar with the tool, MetaHuman. This tool was revealed back in 2021, where it was initially a browser-based app that was made as a helpful tool for video game developers, who wanted good looking hyper realistic character models to use in their Unreal Engine projects. However, things have changed quite a bit for the tool with Epic Games iterating that they intend on making the tool as easy to use as possible. Just recently, they added MetaHuman Animator, which allows you to create facial animations for the models and is available on devices such as iPhone 12.

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Recently, one of MetaHuman's creator's, Chris Evans (no, not that Chris Evans), shared a post asking if any video game developers are using the tool in their upcoming projects. Interestingly, one of the responses that the post received was from Bioware's Michael Gamble, who just so happens to be the project director for Mass Effect 4. While we've yet to get any confirmation that Bioware will be ditching Frostbite for Unreal Engine, this definitely seems to point in that direction. Having detailed models makes sense for a game such as Mass Effect due to how dialogue heavy the game is, players will be spending a lot of their time looking at character faces.

It has been well over a decade since the final entry in the Mass Effect trilogy launched, these games were made on Unreal Engine 3, so it is nice to see that Bioware intend on carrying on the tradition, now with many new and helpful tools at their disposal. This hopefully means we won't be getting another Andromeda situation.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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