Xbox One Friends App and Achievements Detailed

Xbox One is adapting a brand new friends system and achievements are expanding.

By XboxBetty, Posted 14 Oct 2013

This morning, Major Nelson went more in depth about what to expect from some key features of the Xbox One. Many details, such as a larger friends list and a zero wait time in lobbies, were previously acknowledged, but some new specifics have been announced concerning the new friends app and achievements.

Xbox One is adapting a brand new friends system, automatically importing your Xbox 360 friends and allowing for up to 1,000 friends. With Xbox One, gamers will have friends and followers. The system works similar to Twitter with each user having the capability for an infinite amount of followers - follow back and you're friends.

The privacy levels of the two differ with followers having limited access to information. Followers can see only what you choose, and friends can see when you're online, your real time achievements and what you're currently doing on Xbox One.      

Achievements are expanding on Xbox One. Along with the achievements we all know and love, there will be time-based challenges. Challenges will only be available for an allotted amount of time, unlocking depending on what is accomplished within the appointed period. Many of these challenges will require team work and the Xbox Live community, making for a more engaging online experience.

The Xbox One is available on Friday, November 22 in the Americas, Europe and Australia.   

Megan Bethke (@XboxBetty),

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