Success! Obduction is Funded!

With just under three days to go, the creators behind Myst have successfully funded their new project Obduction!

By XboxBetty, Posted 13 Nov 2013

In October a large Kickstarter project set out to prove that great games live on. If you haven't heard of Myst, you've been living under a rock. One of history's best selling games, Myst introduced gamers to a whole new art form. Video games and art, yes it exists.

Things were looking bleak, but to no one's surprise, Obduction was successfully funded. Raising $1.1 million, and still climbing, Cyan, Inc. is putting the first-person adventure game back into the hands of those who remember the days of discovery within video games.

As it sounds, Obduction has a lot to do with an abduction. On a cloudless night, an unknown artifact falls from the sky, bringing players to an unknown galaxy, place and time - you've been  abducted. Things begin to unravel, and exploring the landscape answers the questions of where, when and why.

Obduction's Kickstarter is in its final days. There's still time to pledge, so show your support and pledge what you can on Kickstarter!

Megan Bethke, NoobFeed (@XboxBetty)

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  • So far the only thing I don’t like about Obduction is its release date. Mind to end of 2015 is an immense waiting to do.
    Posted Nov 13, 2013
  • @Naomi agreed!!! Can't wait!!!! :o)
    Posted Nov 14, 2013


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Platform(s): PC
Publisher(s): Cyan, Inc.
Developer(s): Cyan Worlds Inc.
Genres: Puzzle
Themes: Real-Time, Adventure
Release Date: 2015-10-30

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