The Last of Us Grounded Bundle Announced

Naughty Dog announces the final round of DLC for The Last of Us.

By Andy, Posted 16 Apr 2014

Naughty Dog has announced their final round of downloadable content for The Last of Us, named the Grounded Bundle. It will include a Grounded Mode which will modify the single-player mode, increasing the abilities of the AI to make it nearly impossible.

Grounded Mode will be the hardest challenge you’ll ever face as you try to complete the single player campaign of The Last of Us. The AI is relentless, smart, and brutal and survival will be near impossible. “Completed Grounded Mode” might be one of the most difficult trophies you’ll ever earn.

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In addition to the Grounded Mode, there will also be a Reclaimed Territories Map Pack for the multi-player mode containing four new maps: Wharf, Capitol, Coal Mine, and Water Tower. Lastly, there will be new guns and survival skills available in the Survivalist Weapon Bundle.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this announcement is that Naughty Dog will be livestreaming this bundle on their Twitch channel at 12:00 PM Pacific time on April 24th.

This final DLC release will be free for season pass holders or the pieces can purchased à la carte.

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Andy Bayless (@workgamesleep), NoobFeed

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