Candy Crush Saga Gets A Rare Honest Trailer

It's probably not the best thing for Candy Crush Saga to be honest anyway.

By Daavpuke, Posted 31 May 2014

YouTube channel Screen Junkies is back with another episode of their Honest Trailers series, where they dissect some games for entertainment purposes. This time, none other than Candy Crush Saga takes a jab. This could only end well, right? Watch it here:

Nothing says “Off to a good start” like immediately mixing in a game with the likes of the Kardashian family or the sexy search app Tinder. It also features some colors and music, because those are interesting features to have in a game.

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Further in the clip, Screen Junkies take some time to address the game’s free-to-play shakedown or social hassling factor that many of these games have. It goes even as far as calling it the “EA” of its genre, despite EA also has these types of franchises. Anyway, it rightfully recalls the Candy Crush saga debacle publisher King started when it decided to sue everyone, despite using features from other games as well.

In recent news, King managed to post figures that blew other companies out of the water. Not only did it gross $641 million in earnings as a whole, but Candy Crush Saga in itself achieved to raise more than Nintendo in its entirety. For reference, King’s most popular game accounted for $427 million of its earnings, while Nintendo gained $411 for everything they own.

We all know who really is laughing the loudest right now.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed (@Daavpuke)

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