Mario Maker

Is this LBP meets SMB?

By Andy, Posted 06 Jun 2014

A leaked image has surfaced today that there is a new Nintendo 3DS game about to be announced by Nintendo at E3 titled Mario Maker.  There is an unconfirmed shot from the E3 floor of the Nintendo booth which shows a poster for something titled Mario Maker.  

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My gut reaction is that this is essentially going to be a Little Big Planet style game (only with good jumping) where users are given assets to create their own levels in the Mario universe.  Once the level has been created, my expectation would be that the user can then share their level with the world.  My imagination is running wild with the possibilities a title such as this could potentially offer.

Although the art in the leaked picture if from the original Super Mario Bros., I dream that this game would also include the styles of Super Mario Bros. 2 , Super Mario Bros. 3 as well as Super Mario World.  We should know more about what exactly Mario Maker is next week during E3.

Andy (@workgamesleep), NoobFeed

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