Ouya Horror Puzzle Game Whispering Willows Delays Steam Version

Don't own an Ouya, but want Whispering Willows on Steam? You'll have to wait a bit.

By Daavpuke, Posted 12 Jun 2014

Developer Night Light Interactive, known for its recent release of Ouya game Whispering Willows, has decided to delay the Steam version of its title. In a recent announcement, the company states:

To ensure that we give both our community and new game players the best Whispering Willows experience, we’ve decided to push back the Steam release date till July 9th. This allows us to clean up bugs and both the enhancement and development of several features. 

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Originally, we had anticipated the horror puzzle game on Steam on June 17, 2014. It looks like that will need to wait just a tad, but maybe it’s best, with all the E3 shenanigans going on, right now. There’s just so much shenanigans. You may have spotted a dozen or so E3 articles pass by the last few days.

For Ouya owners, however, everything is still on track. In a similar post on the developer’s site, plans for the console version are stated to be unchanged. Chapter 4 of Whispering Willows is coming as a free update on Ouya on June 17, 2014.

If you’re looking to own Whispering Willows on PC and Steam, there is a Humble widget available on the developer’s site where you can buy the game now. Whispering Willows costs $14.99.


Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed (@Daavpuke)

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Platform(s): PC, Mobile
Publisher(s): Night Light Interactive
Developer(s): Night Light Interactive
Genres: Puzzle
Themes: Adventure, Horror
Release Date: 2014-06-20

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