The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season Gets an Early Release Date

Xbox One players can grab a copy today

By JohnnRckr, Posted 14 Oct 2014

Although planned to be released a week from now, The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season is available for purchase for the Xbox One at a price tag of $24.99 USD. PlayStation players can also grab a copy today, but only in the North America region; there is no information available regarding other regions.

The Walking Dead,The Complete,First Season

The download of the Telltale Games masterpiece will require 4.65 GB of free space in the hard drive and, as the name suggests, will include all of the episodes of the first season. As a bonus, the Complete First Season will also include 400 Days, the extra episode for Season 1.

Despite the fact that one can buy the game as of this day, the release dates havent been changed. The Xbox Store still mantains its October 31st release date. 

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