The Inside Gaming Crew Leaving Machinima

The Inside Gaming Crew announces that they're leaving Machinima

By Grayshadow, Posted 29 Jan 2015

The Inside Gaming crew, known for popular Youtube shows like Steam Roulette, are leaving Machinima for new ventures. Bruce Greene, Lawrence Sonntag, James Willems and Adam Kovic made the announcement today on the Inside Gaming Podcast right at the beginning of the show. Lawrence Sonntag made the announcement “Yes we are leaving, no, we cannot say more then that.”

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As the leader and face of Inside Gaming Adam Kovic started co-hosting the Machinima series Inside Halo, which focused mostly on information about Halo. This show would eventually change to Inside Gaming which delivers the latest news in the video game industry weekly and then Inside Gaming Daily. In conjunction with Inside Gaming Daily the Inside Gaming crew uploads videos such as Steam Roulette, where one person plays a random game on Steam while the other hosts watch and provide commentary, and video game Let's Plays.

During the podcast the Inside Gaming crew talked about working for Machinima such as fond memories with the company and inspiring moments. This all while playing Resident Evil HD Remake. 

What they plan for the future is still unknown. 

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