New Information About RWBY Volume 3 Revealed

RWBY Volume 3 in pre-production

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Mar 2015

The future of the popular web series RWBY has been on the minds of a lot of fans since the death of the show’s creator Monty Oum. Today a brief announcement was made regarding this concern by Rooster Teeth’s Head of Animation Gray Haddock.

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Gray did confirm that RWBY volume 3 will launch this year stating that “RWBY is returning to the early stages of pre-production. Kerry and Miles are getting ready to dive into the scripts, and I’m talking to the guys about pre-viz. Meanwhile, Shane’s already choreographing a new fight sequence…and out tenacious tech team is getting the production pipeline ready.”

“For those wondering, Monty was heavily involved in shaping the future of the world of Remnant. His story ideas will live on, and you will also be able to see some of the animation he’d begun working on for Volume 3. For some time, the team has known the direction which the next volumes will be headed, and Rooster Teeth is committed to bringing these tales to you.”

RWBY is an American animated web series that was created by the late Monty Oum, who died on February 1, 2015 after suffering a severe allergic reaction during a routine medical examination. The series is set in a fictional world called Remnant which is inhabited by supernatural forces. Since it debut in 2013 the show became a viral hit, resulting in many cosplays and fan adaptions.

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