Square Enix Explains Why Final Fantasy VII Remake is Episodic

Final Fantasy VII Remake made episodic to preserve content

By Grayshadow, Posted 07 Dec 2015

After the reveal that Square Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake would be episodic many took to the internet to voice their anger, now new information has emerged regarding why this approach was taken. 

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Producer Yoshinori Kinase and director Tetsuya Nomura explained that remaking the entire game requires massive amounts of time and to ensure that all content was preserved the game. This would proved impossible for a single release.

Each segment will encompass a complete story, what this could mean is still a mystery. Those who worried that the game would follow the same formula as Life is Strange or any of the Telltale projects shouldn’t be alarmed, judging from these statements Square Enix is going to separate portions of the game to ensure that all the new content, as well as original content, is present when the game releases in its full form.

Final Fantasy VII Remake still has no release date but is currently in development for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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