The Division Upcoming Update Detailed

The Division getting new missions, weapons, and its first raid April 12th

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Apr 2016

The Division is getting a new update April12th and with it a bunch of free content across all platforms.

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The update includes a significant amount of changes, including fixing a game-breaking bug that has players from crafting purple items from their bags. Here’s everything you can expect.

Incursion: Falcon Lost

- Falcon Lost is the first raid-style mission that requires multiple players. 

- Matchmaking is available for those willing to use random players.

- Falcon Lost does not include checkpoints, if your team dies everyone starts from the beginning.

- Expect new enemy types such as the bullet-proof Armored Personnel Carrier and flying drones.

- Incursions, which are what The Division raids are called, will include Hard and Challenge options. Challenge mode will require a Gear Level of 31.

- Gear and weapons will now have a Gear Score instead of Gear Level which unlocks after level 30. 

- Completing Falcon Lost rewards players with unique weapons and gear. You’ll always be awarded with something when completing Falcon Lost.

New Weapons, Items, and Gear Sets

- Gear Sets, new items that can be obtained from Incursions, Challenge mode, blueprints, and other unlocks.

- Four Gear Sets offer different bonuses for each specific class. Equipping all four pieces unlocks a new talent or perk.

Gear Sets

- Sentry’s Call

- Tactician’s Authority

- Striker’s Battle Gear

- Path of the Nomad

Loot Trading and Assignments

- Loot Trading allows you to drop an item for a specific ally to pick up within two hours.

- You can only trade with people in your team.

- Outside The Dark Zone items can be dropped anywhere on the map.

- When inside The DarkZone items can only be dropped in Safe Houses.

- Assignments are small jobs that can be completed with Phoenix Credits or tech. These are separated into daily and weekly challenges.

Dark Zone Supply Drops

- Supply Drops will come to The Dark Zone every hour.

- Each supply drop will include valuable items, first come first serve.

- Supply drops are heavily guarded by AI enemies.

- Once claimed the item cannot be stolen and doesn’t need to be extracted.

- When killed players can use a cam to aid other allies in fights.

The Division is currently available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Check out our review.

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