Microsoft Announces Xbox Wireless Controller Tech Series

New Xbox One inspired by military technology and performance patterns.

By TAYLOS, Posted 22 Mar 2017

Today Microsoft announced their newly redesigned Xbox One controller that dubs the name Tech Series. According to Microsoft, the design was inspired by military technology and performance patterns that stem from combat armor and military gear. 

Xbox Wireless Controller

The controller features "premium" finishes like a laser etched texture, gold accents and insignias are located on the front. The back of the controller dons a diamond rubberized grip for added control and comfort. 

The game has all the same features built-in from the current Xbox controller, including improved wireless range and Bluetooth tech from gaming on Windows 10 and Samsung Gear VR. For those that really fell like getting into the gears of customization, there is also the custom button-mapping feature that can be adjusted through the Xbox Accessories App

For those with curious minds, the controller can also be used in Xbox One's new Copilot  feature (Via Creators Program) to help teach those youngsters a thing or two about pwning noobs. 

The Recon Tech Special Edition will be available April 25, 2017 for $69.99 on or your local retailer.

Xbox Wireless Controller

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