Darkest Dungeon's First Expansion Coming Mid-June

The Crimson Court brings a new hero, faction and dungeon to Darkest Dungeon.

By Woozie, Posted 31 May 2017

Darkest Dungeon is a great videogame and I'll fight everyone who disagrees with me (not irl, though). A highlight of last year's, a hunch I had ever since publishing the Darkest Dungeon Review , it also made it on our list of best PC games from 2016. Red Hook Studios have kept working on their game, providing a new hero class and the ability to play shorter sessions with the Radiant Update. Now, they are gearing towards the release of the title's first expansion: The Crimson Court.

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The Crimson Court will add a new hero class, a new faction (which may or may not enjoy drinking blood regularly) for players to fight and an entirely new dungeon region: The Courtyard. A new wandering boss called The Fanatic will murder you repeatedly alongside 4 Courtyard-specific bosses. Districts, which offer estate-wide bonuses to the town and trinket sets that offer set bonuses are also part of the expansion. The Crimson Court will be available come the 19th of June on PC for the price of $9.99 or your regional equivalent. The developer has yet to provide a fixed release date for the Darkest Dungeon's PS4 version, but they are aiming for the following month.

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Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC, Vita
Publisher(s): Red Hook Studios
Developer(s): Red Hook Studios
Genres: Roguelike
Themes: Strategy, Dungeon-crawler
Release Date: 2016-01-19

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