God of War Optional Bosses Confirmed, Developer Addresses Jump Concerns

New God of War, new type of game

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Feb 2018

God of War is the next big release for the PS4 and one of the most anticipated games of this year. Instead of maintaining the same formula from past games this God of War serves as not only a sequel to God of War 3 but refines the entire formula, offering side quests and eliminating jump. When talking to Gameinformer game director, Cory Barlog, spoke about the game including the inclusion of optional boss battles.

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In the interview, Barlog confirmed that the game will feature optional boss fights. This is a first for the series as the game has always had a linear progression.

Secondly, Kratos can increase his health bar but not like in the previous games. Barlog did not state what these new methods were though. In previous God of War games, Kratos would collect legendary items to increase his magic and health bars. 

Barlog did comment on concerns about the lack of a jump button. Barlog stated that fans won't miss it, which is a bold statement.

Barlog did state that if God of War does get a sequel that someone else should direct the game, similar to the past installments. This to ensure a fresh take on the series, considering that Barlog stated in a previous interview that he hoped that franchise will tackle other mythologies perhaps that's what the future holds for Kratos.

God of War releases on April 20th for PS4.

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