Outlast 2 New Update Adds New Difficultly Option and Cut Content

Outlast 2 avoided Adult Only rating by cutting content

By Grayshadow, Posted 28 Mar 2018

Despite its polarizing reviews Outlast 2 was a major hit, many enjoying the creepy atmosphere and deadly killers found throughout the game. Now a new update has been added that allows for an easier experience and cut content that would've given the game an Adults Only rating.

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According to Red Barrell:

The new Story Mode of Outlast 2 allows players to experience the game with minimal challenges, fewer enemy encounters and more breathing room to fully immerse yourself in the universe.

It is still possible to die, but we’ve decreased the number of enemies and have lowered their speed, damage and perception.

We’ve also made tweaks to the pacing of the game to make more room for exploration, instead of chases.


Also, we’ve taken the opportunity to reinsert some of the things we had to remove from the original game in order to get an M rating. These changes are not drastic in our opinion and do not impact gameplay, but they had to be made to avoid an Adult Only rating.

That’s it. Hope you enjoy!

– the team at Red Barrels

Currently, the patch is only available on the PC versions through Steam but it's unclear if the patch will come to console versions of the game.

Offering an exploration mode isn't unheard of as other titles have done the same. Allowing a casual mode will give those who feel intimidated by survival-horror games a safety net to try it out without the frustration of death constantly being present.

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