This article contains spoilers for God of War.


The previous director's commentaries for God of War focuses on how the first stage was completely redone and the first boss's original concept. In this third part Director of God of War, Cory Barlog explains what was cut from the game, added to fix the story structure, and even discuss Kratos' inner demons.

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During the video, Barlog explains that the scene between Kratos, Atreus, and Modi was added to the game to fix a structural issue. Having Kratos carry Atreus to Freya was intentional to showcase the importance of having Kratos touch Atreus for the first time and see him in a near-death scene. Instead, the original scene had Kratos telling Atreus everything while he was unconscious but instead went to build up excitement as Mimir explains the situation and plan.

Barlog goes into details about Kratos attempting to deal with Atreus situation. With much of his life dealing with conflict with swords and blood instead of asking others for help. 

Barlog also adds a lot of interesting details about the game such as how the red storm is a response to Atreus being near death and the world reacting to it, how the original scene of Kratos sailing home was supposed to have Hel-Walkers killing local animals but was cut due to budget and time, and an infamous fumble at PSX.

According to Barlog, the Freya's necklace was made for PSX and had the runic inscription that read Baldur. As you might expect this was a major plot point in the game but no one translated the inscription.

God of War is now available for PS4.

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