Abandon Ship Adds Sea Forts, Wanted Levels And More In Its Latest Major Update

Abandon Ship's seas are a bit more dangerous now.

By Woozie, Posted 04 Sep 2018

Fireblade Software's Abandon Ship is what you get when mixing FTL, Age of Sail ships and a bit of lovecraftian horror. Sailing the Early Access seas since February, the title has recently received its second major update. Its seas have become more dangerous now with the additions of Sea Forts. These are powerful structures that bring a Mega Mortar, that stops ships in their tracks, to bear alongside what you'd expect from a regular ship. Engaging in battle with other ships in a Sea Fort's range can bring about off screen bombardments whose target depends on their alignment.

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If you choose the path of a particularly naughty pirate, the newly added Wanted Levels will be sure to make that known. This can end up souring relationships with ports to the point where access inside is denied and bounty hunters come chasing. Good deeds or paying a magistrate can get rid of your wanted levels, but new Floating Outposts provide an alternative for those hell bent on not straying off the pirate path. Trade Routes have also been added, alongside a couple of other changes including area repopulation, new Kraken abilities and expanded crew sizes. You can check them out both in video and written form.

Back when I previewed Abandon Ship, I talked about how its world can end up feeling empty at times and, judging by these additions, it does look like the team is working on that. Abandon Ship is currently available in Steam Early Access for the price of $ 19.99 or your regional equivalent.

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