Hearthstone Has Passed 100 Million Players Lifetime

A lot of people have played Hearthstone

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Nov 2018

Hearthstone is one of Blizzard's most popular games and one of the most played free-to-play games available now. Blizzard has confirmed that the title has surpassed 100 million players.


Launched back in 2014 for PC and Mac the game eventually came to mobile devices where its player base surged. Over the years Blizzard has added new packs and content to keep players busy.

President of Blizzard J. Allen Brack released the following statement:

“Reaching 100 million players is a huge milestone for Hearthstone, but what matters to us even more is the fact that so many people around the world have embraced the spirit of the game. Whether at events like BlizzCon and Fireside Gatherings or just in tuning in to watch their favorite streamers, it’s been so inspiring to see millions of players and fans coming together, online and in real life, to participate in the Hearthstone community.”

Blizzard is celebrating the milestone with a series of events. From November 7th-11th, players who log-in to Hearthstone will receive six free card packs from the game’s most recent expansion, The Boomsday Project. Additionally, a new series of quests will allow you to earn up to 500 gold.

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