Blair Witch Will Be the Horror Title You Don't Expect

It will have combat phases and also time loops that will mess things up even more!

By itsamurray, Posted 11 Jul 2019

Anyone who knows a little about the history of Bloober Team knows that the Polish studio is famous for its atmospheric titles that lack in action, as in the case of Layers of Fear. Given the horror themes, calling them a walking simulator is perhaps ungenerous; it would be better to say that the style is close to that of Outlast. However, in the case of the next Blair Witch, it has been revealed that there will also be combat phases in the game. 

In an interview, the game's writer, Barbara Kciuk, explained that the possibility of defending yourself as well as escaping will not drastically change the experience to which Bloober Team has accustomed us with its titles. New mechanics of the clashes are therefore designed to first diversify gameplay, but leaving the player with that unpleasant feeling of being prey rather than a hunter.

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Kciuk also talked about traveling in time: "Traveling in time and escaping the consequences of your mistakes completely erasing them is a particularly tantalizing vision. And this is exactly what the author of a disturbing story seeks: an enticing concept that can be turned upside down horribly. Did you want to get rid of some little mistakes of the past? Ooops! Instead you made things worse. And now you have to live with the weight of the horrible things you've done". Kciuk also added: "As the trailer suggests, Blair Witch will have time loops, but they won't be there to improve the situation in the finale. Blair Witch uses it for far more sinister reasons".

Bloober, which at the moment is also working on another project not yet announced, has almost doubled its staff to employ a hundred people. Thanks to the new workforce, the studio wants to continue to experiment and open up new possibilities in the future: "Maybe even a multiplayer experience - says Kciuk - Who knows".

Andrew Murray, NoobFeed

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