Epic Games Store Offering Alan Wake and For Honor for Free Next Week

Alan Wake and For Honor coming to Epic Games Store

By Grayshadow, Posted 26 Jul 2019

Epic Games Store biggest draw is the free games provided every other week. With titles such as Super Meat Boy and Limbo being offered to gamers. Now, starting next week Alan Wake and For Honor will be available for free.

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Hey free game fans! Next week, Alan Wake and For Honor will be available for FREE starting 8/2 11AM EDT and ending 8/9 10:59AM EDT - That means you can grab today’s free games until 10:59 AM EDT on 8/2!

— Epic Games (@EpicGames) July 25, 2019

Both games will be offered from August 2nd to August 9th for nothing. Despite this popular feature the Epic Games Store still has a massive negative reputation among gamers. Most notably being exclusive deals with major and indie games such as Metro Exodus and Shenmue III. Some of these games were promised to release on Steam, or funded through crowdfunding being the biggest source of negative reception. 

Epic's Tim Sweeney has defended the Epic Games Store, stating if Valve provided increased revenue split the Epic Games Store would not be needed. However, this has not mitigated the backlash. 

Alan Wake is one of Remedy Entertainment's biggest IPs, generating a massive cult following since its launch. The developers of the upcoming Control did purchase the publishing rights to the IP from Microsoft so it's possible that a sequel could be on the way. So you can play the game for free and see what's the big deal.

Alan Wake stars an acclaimed writer named Alan Wake on vacation with his wife Alice. Heading to a small town called Brightfalls Alan is searching to rekindle his creative juices after suffering from writer's block Alan indirectly releases a dark supernatural presence that can make a creative mind's creations real. With his wife, Alice kidnapped by this presence Alan seeks to stop the Dark Presence and save his wife.

For Honor has players taking control of various warriors including knights, samurai, and Vikings in an all-out battle. Launched to negative reception due to exploitive issues and net code problems Ubisoft doubled down on support for the game. Cultivating the title into a highly addictive and competitive game. Featuring a layered combat system where players attack specific areas of their opponent while also defending themselves.

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