Pokemon Sword and Shield Update Reveals Rivals and Galar Region Variant Pokemon

Wheezing and Zigzagoon have new Galarian variants

By Grayshadow, Posted 07 Aug 2019

Today, Nintendo revealed new information for Pokemon Sword and Shield as promised. Showing off new information on Galar region, variants of Pokemon, rivals, and much more.

Pokemon,Sword,Shield,Nintendo,Game Freak,Pokemon,Sword,Shield,Nintendo,Game Freak,Pokemon,Sword,Shield,Nintendo,Game Freak,

First off, like the Aloha region, the Galar region will feature variants of existing Pokemon. Wheezing and Zigzagoon will be getting Galar forms. Zigzagoon will now feature a black and white coloration and classified as Dark/Normal. In addition, Zigzagoon will get a third evolution called Obstagoon.

Wheezing now comes with cooling towers that look like top hats and classified as a Poison/Fairy with a new ability beyond Levitate that wasn't revealed. In addition to gassy mustaches that make the Toxic Pokemon more formal. Many Twitter users are already comparing the Pokemon to Doug Dimmadome from the Fairly Odd Parents cartoon.

Pokemon,Sword,Shield,Nintendo,Game Freak,Pokemon,Sword,Shield,Nintendo,Game Freak,

Morpeko can now change into 2 forms. Full Belly Mode allows it to use Electric-type move variant of Aura Wheel and in Hangry Mode it can use the Dark-type option.

Pokemon,Sword,Shield,Nintendo,Game Freak,Pokemon,Sword,Shield,Nintendo,Game Freak,

Team Yell is the new gang players must defeat with Bede being the player's rival. A new trailer Meanie was also shown as well.

Pokemon,Sword,Shield,Nintendo,Game Freak,

Pokemon Sword and Shield are set to release on November 15 later this year

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