The Surge 2 Gets a New Patch and Free Weapons DLC

Deck13 giving players access to 4 new weapons in The Surge 2

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Oct 2019

The Surge 2 has gotten mostly positive reviews since launching last month. With many, including us, pointing out the massive improvements from the first game. Now, Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive have released the first patch for consoles. Fixing issues and adding new improvements and adding new weapons.

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The fixes are available below. Players can download the Future Shock Weapon Pack right now for PS4 and PC, it'll arrive on Xbox One tomorrow. It'll add 4 new weapons.

The Surge 2 is now available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

PlayStation 4 & Xbox One only

Fixed several texture issues

PC only

Fixed a control issue with QWERTY keyboards for the spraycan drone

All platforms

Fixed an issue with auto-setting Dynamic Resolution (blurry textures by default effect)

Several crash fixes

Fixed blockers when interacting with some doors

Fixes a crash when performing a finisher on NanoBeast’s bodies

Fixed an issue where you would be stuck in Power Plant when trying to exit this area

Fixed several issues with The Witness quest

The new implant slot should now display correctly if you reach 100 Core Power.

“Jump” and “Cycle Injectables” can now be bound after resetting key bindings to default

Fixed an issue where you would receive multiple rewards from a single banner

Fixed some localization issues

Fixed an issue with R2 double tap

[Balancing] Delver Echo in NG+ has been nerfed

Fixed an issue where music volume would automatically reset or set to 0 when launching the game

Adjusted “brightness” slider

Fixed an issue with A.I.D. Centauri set bonus

Fixed an issue where you would suddenly die in the Underground

Swiss Army Drone can now be unlocked in NG+

Reduced cost of Graffiti Tags from merchants

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