Fallout 76's Premium Subscription is a Disaster, Filled with Bugs and Issues

Fallout 1st's launch is similar to how Fallout 76 launched

By Grayshadow, Posted 25 Oct 2019

What's worse than selling an over-priced service, selling a broken over-priced service. The internet reacted to Bethesda's reveal of Fallout 1st to massive negative backlash. The service offered access to private servers, 1,650 ATOMs per month, unlimited storage, a custom second fast travel point, the Fallout: New Vegas ranger outfit, and a bunch of icons and emotes for $12.99 a month or $99.99 a year. Those who purchased subscription were greeted to massively buggy service.

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First off, private servers; one of the most requested features for Fallout 76. Players reported massive dead NPCs and looted areas, which means Bethesda is likely recycling old worlds for these "private" servers. Worst is that anyone in your friend's list can join without being invited, making the private server not private at all. If you happened to log out it seems the game sets you up in a new world outside from your private server. Losing any progress you've made, including resources.

Scrap boxes which house unlimited storage are bugged. Players reported that their scrap disappeared when storing into the box. And coupled with the previous issue with the private server, you can lose everything you've earned.

This should be expected. Fallout 76 is one of the most infamous games in gaming history. The game launched in a horrible state and the post-launch hasn't been any better. Bethesda's reputation has been buried under so much Fallout 76 issues that recovering from this seems near impossible.

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