New Granblue Fantasy Versus Trailer Featuers Lancelot

A new selection character confirmed for Granblue Fantasy Versus

By Grayshadow, Posted 03 Dec 2019

Recently, XSEED revealed Ferry for Granblue Fantasy Versus and now a second character has been revealed. With Lancelot now confirmed.

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❄️⚔️"I'll guide my country with these twin blades!"❄️⚔️

Meet Lancelot in our latest #GBVS Character Feature!

If danger were to appear in the kingdom he so loves, he would risk both life and limb to see it defeated.

...Despite this, he can never seem to keep his room clean.

— XSEED Games (@XSEEDGames) November 29, 2019

Similar to Ferry's trailer, the reveal footage provides a short summary of Lancelot's fighting style. Able to move at faster speeds than other fighters, use a Wirbelwind to disorientate his opponent, and knockback with Southern Cross.

Granblue Fantasy Versus will release in Q1 2020 for PS4 in the west.

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