PS5 Logo and Features Revealed

Sony reveals the shocking logo for the PS5

By Grayshadow, Posted 07 Jan 2020

Sony has been very consistent with their home console names and logos. With the PS5's logo being the same logo fans know but with a 5 at the end.

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During Sony's CES 2020 conference, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan provided the same details about the console already known to the public. Such as a new controller, ultra-high-speed SSD, hardware-based ray tracing, ultra Blu-ray, and 3D audio sound.

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are set to launch this Holiday 2020. However, unlike Microsoft Sony hasn't shown off the console. It'll likely be revealed at E3 2020.

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In addition, Sony provided the latest numbers for the PS4 and PS VR sales. With 1.15 billion games sold, 106 million consoles, 5 million PS VR sold, and 38.8 million active PS Plus subscribers.

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