Pokemon Home is Set to Arrive Next Month

Pokemon Home launches this February

By Grayshadow, Posted 09 Jan 2020

Pokemon Sword and Shield wasn't the only Pokemon-related thing shown at today's Nintendo Direct. With Pokemon Mystery Dungeon getting a new game and Pokemon Home getting a release window of February 2020.

Pokemon Home,Nintendo,

Pokemon Home will allow users to import Pokemon that you own from previous games and transfer them into different titles. Similar to the Pokemon Bank but with more ease focused on the new Switch games. With players able to use the function through their mobile phones and Nintendo Switch.

This doesn't mean the Pokemon Bank is going offline or being rebranded as Pokemon Home. Instead, it'll be compatible with the bank. However, to transfer Pokemon from the Let's Go series to the Sword and Shield games users will have to transfer the Pokemon from the bank to Pokemon Home. And like the Pokemon Bank Pokemon Home is a premium service that will require an additional fee.

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