Star Wars Project Maverick Leaks on the PSN Store

New image for a new Star Wars game leaks online

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Mar 2020

Today Sony's PS2 console turned 20 and something else happened, a leak for a new Star Wars game.

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The image was leaked by a Twitter user named PSNrelease and shows a game called Project Maverick. The user did predict the release of the Final Fantasy 7 Demo so it could be real.

If it happens to be real the title suggest the project is in very early development. Usually, titles with "Project" are just labels put on games that may or may not become full titles. Such as the open-world Star Wars game.

The image does show a Star Destroyer in the photo and considering Respawn Entertainment's massively successfuStar Wars Jedi Fallen Order it could be linked to the game's sequel. I'm just throwing out guesses here.

The most likely place EA would confirm this title would be E3 2020.

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