Left 4 Dead 3 Not in Development

Valve isn't working on Left 4 Dead at all

By Grayshadow, Posted 23 Mar 2020

With Half-Life Alyx reviews out and soon to be available to the public fans are wondering about other IPs from Valve being revived. Such as Left 4 Dead, which has gone dark like many of Valve's projects. For those hoping a new game was in development, the answer is no.

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In an episode of IGN Unfiltered, Chris Remo and Robin Walker from Valve spoke about Valve's various IPs. Left 4 Dead was one of those IPs and an official statement was provided.

The official Valve statement on the Left 4 Dead 3 rumors said, "We did briefly explore some Left 4 Dead next-gen opportunities a few years ago, but we are absolutely not working on anything Left 4 Dead-related now, and haven't for years."

Walker stated while creating Source 2 and that some of those things were Left 4 Dead related no progression was reached that it would become a project.

"We built lots of different things as part of building technology in Source 2... There were groups here who would generate a product in mind that would attempt to be a target for Source 2, and so a couple of those were Left 4 Dead-related things, but none of them reached the point where we were like, 'now this is a product team that we're going to build a big product around.' They were more tools for moving Source 2 forward."

Valve was considering a Portal VR game before starting on Half-Life which would become Half-Life Alyx.

"So we looked at various IPs and, yep, Portal was one of them, [but] we didn't get very far in that. It was pretty clear when we looked at Portal as a whole... If we can't do player movement, not as a result of their choice, but by launching them... momentum...standing on things... all that sort of stuff... then a whole swath of Portal's puzzles... the whole back half of Portal, or more... goes away, and we'd need some alternative thing.

So at this point, no plans for a Left for Dead 3 are in process.

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