Kirby Star Allies Nintendo Switch Review

It won't please those seeking an intense adventure but Kirby Star Allies is a fun game that will make many gamers smile.

By Grayshadow, Posted 24 Mar 2018

The Kirby franchise hasn't been known for being challenging. What the series is notorious for is delivering an entertaining experience within a colorful and creative world. Kirby Star Allies does exactly that, providing a charming adventure that was easy to play but entertaining throughout. 

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A mysterious force has appeared and threatens the entire universe. Kirby has to stop the evil being and to do so will need the help of some friends. Kirby will recruit allies to aid in his quest to bring peace to the universe.

In addition to Kirby's iconic copying powers, the pink balloon can toss hearts to befriend hostile enemies. Kirby can recruit up to 3 other allies who can be controlled either by friends through local cooperative play or by helpful AI. Together you'll explore vibrant and lush environments full of hidden areas, enemies, and platforming challenges.

Every enemy, exception being bosses, can be allied with or absorbed for their powers. Kirby has his classic Blade Knight, ice-blasting, or fire-breathing powers at his disposal in addition to new talents. Kirby can use his allies special abilities to produce combination attacks such as increasing blade damage with an air ally.

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Allies can fulfill specific roles like healing or grabbing. This encourages you to experiment and tries new allies constantly. There are plenty of roadblocks and hidden areas that require specific combinations. For example, to light a giant bomb on a rope you'll need a cutter supercharged with a fiery ally to light the rope. The constant introduction of these specialized puzzles inspired me to think outside the box and get out of my confront zone.

Shocking the AI allies are capable. I was worried they would be able to only perform simple tasks but they're quite responsive to the environment. If you need manual control you can hop on the back on one for direct control. But I never felt handicapped, instead, my AI partners held their own and even completed puzzles requiring specific skills such as Bonkers hammering pegs.

Allies can be combined for special unified constructs. These include a wheel that destroys everything in its path called the Friend Circle. The Friend Star is a personal favorite which has one player steering while the others fire projectiles, players can switch at any time which was an excellent addition.

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If anyone wants to play Kirby Star Allies supports drop in/drop out cooperative play. Just hit the L and R buttons on their controller to join. If you need to leave just hold down a button and you're out. It's streamlined to ensure a seamless experience. 

The Kirby franchise has always had style, notable boss battles, and colorful levels. All 3 of these things are here in Kirby Star Allies. Every stage was wonderfully crafted with beautiful hues of bright colors and distinct locations. The action never dipped below 60fps which made the experience that more pleasant. 

Kirby games have never been the most challenging experience and Kirby Star Allies isn't hard, especially with friends. Other modes are provided such as The Ultimate Choice which has you running through a boss battle gauntlet with limited health items. Even on the game's hardest difficulties, I was able to breeze through without much issue. This wasn't an issue though as Kirby games have relied on their charm to provide an excellent experience and Kirby Star Allies succeeds in that.

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Kirby Star Allies combines creative elements to present an outstanding adventure that offers very little challenge. The energetic stages and smart use of Kirby's powerful powers allowed for a journey that I couldn't put down. It won't please those seeking an intense adventure but Kirby Star Allies is a fun game that will make many gamers smile.

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Platform(s): 3DS
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