Marvel's Spider-Man The City that Never Sleeps PlayStation 4 Pro Review

The City that Never Sleeps shares many of the qualities of the original campaign with hours of extensive Spider-Man action but also has its fault.

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Dec 2018

Marvel's Spider-Man is widely considered one of the best superhero games ever made, rivaling that of Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Asylum. The recent finale for The City that Never Sleeps campaign released this week, marking the end for the title. Not only does this campaign extend the previous adventure but bridges the story in the expected sequel. Spider-Man must take on new challenges as incarceration of Wilson Fisk leads to a power vacuum and then an all-out gang war that sees the return of old allies, new frenemies, and a villain with a lot to prove. The City that Never Sleeps shares many of the qualities of the original campaign with hours of extensive Spider-Man action but also has its faults.

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The City that Never Sleeps starts off small, Peter is attempting to relax after the events of the core campaign. However, the brief vacation doesn't last long before his old girlfriend Black Cat returns into his life. In addition, Hammerhead is seeking to claim ownership of New York after Kingpin was arrested and is using Sable's gear to do so. What begins a roller coaster ride of explosions, betrayal, and intense battles across New York.

Each campaign centers on a specific theme and character. With the first being Black Cat, followed by Yuri, and ending with Silver Sable. Everything links together as one adventure, each one taking around 1-3 hours to complete and about 2 more to obtain all the trophies. Insomniac has kept each adventure isolated so you cannot take part in the DLC's unique activities unless you access the campaign, which makes sense. These campaigns take place after the events of the core campaign and within a specific order so it makes sense why you can collect the items from the first campaign, The Heist, while playing the finale, Silver Linings. Players can access the DLC after obtaining the new suit from the main story but it's wise to play through the campaigns after the main story.

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Each story does offer 3 new suits, bosses to face, and sometimes new enemy types. The new suits are special variants of other legendary suits wore by Spider-Man and come with more bonuses for players to toy with. Insomniac has also gone the extra mile to provide unique areas to final DLC. But as much as The City that Never Sleeps does right many of the issues from the game become very clear here.

The tedious collecting and challenges found in the campaign are here. While some offer unique variety such as tracking down the items or using specific gadgets much of it is busy work. These issues were easily dismissed before because swinging around and being Spider-Man was enough to overshadow the monotony. However, after experiencing the same trials and having to run across NY collecting items and stopping crimes again for 3 more campaigns the monotony shifted to annoyance. While some of the collectible missions did yield to profound endings featuring new and old characters having to rush throughout NY, again and again, doing the same thing became a chore.

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The City that Never Sleeps excels in telling a brief tale full of memorable moments and exciting boss fights. The oversaturation of collectibles and challenge missions can become annoying, especially since some of them last longer than the story missions. Despite this, The City that Never Sleeps provides an extensive and quality adventure that those who've enjoyed the core campaign shouldn't miss. 

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