eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE PlayStation 4 Review

For being almost the same as PES 2020, eFootball PES 2021 Season Update is still an enjoyable game.

By RON, Posted 28 Sep 2020

The journey of Pro Evolution Soccer hasn’t been easy for the past many years due to their undying license problem and the tough competitor that is FIFA. Last year, Konami not only made some major improvements with PES 2020 but changed the name of the series to eFootball PES, in an effort to point at the larger focus on the online community. With the next generation of consoles knocking at the door, Konami had a major decision to make and it has kept things as simple as possible. Instead of the usual annualized release, eFootball PES 2021 has been bravely released as a Season Update for eFootball PES 2020. So, besides a few small changes, eFootball PES 2021 is pretty much the same game as last year. The good news is that the update costs only $29.99. As eFootball PES 2020 is the finest soccer simulation produced so far by Konami, this practically makes eFootball PES 2021 the same enjoyable game like its predecessor.

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Even though familiar players won’t find this a fact to celebrate, new players or those returning after a long break will surely find the game much more realistic. It is probably the only sports simulation whose fans appreciate the players’ sluggish movements on the pitch. You not only feel the weight of the ball when controlling it, but also that of the players. In the beginning, it may feel like a slow-paced game but eventually, after a few matches, the control of both players and the ball begins to feel just right. The precise ball physics in tandem with weighty passes and dribbles give a tangible feel during the gameplay. The first-touch control mechanic that was initially introduced in PES 2019 later perfected in the last release adding more realism to the gameplay. It allows the weight of the ball to vary when received from different distances. This also lets players control the ball with more precision where a slightest of touches when passing or dribbling make a difference. 

Konami had been keen to dig deeper into the gameplay mechanism and improve the controlling of the ball physics and pitch fluidity. Something that has been the strongest of part of the PES series in comparison to FIFA. Over the past many years, the progress curve of PES has been somewhat upwards but there’s still much more to improve to fully end the competition with FIFA. Among which is it’s myClub. myClub being my favorite part of the game still lacks the necessary improvements besides the fact that it’s really hard to avoid the microtransactions. You start this mode with a bogus team, so much so that competing online makes no sense at all. It takes weeks to earn the amount of Game Point or Coin required to build up a decent squad and, by that time, those who have purchased a decent squad are way ahead of everyone else. One way or another, you’re still directed towards, microtransactions to buy Black Ball players to compete against the higher-ranked opposition. Konami has to be a bit more liberal in this matter and let gamers start the myClub with a squad that’s at least compatible squad. 

eFootball PES 2021, SEASON UPDATE, PlayStation 4, PS4, Review, Gameplay, Screenshot, myClub

Even though the AI has been vastly improved at the previous release and off-line gameplay is fun, but the online experience hasn’t been as fluid as it should be for a game that wants to focus on eFootball. You might find yourself unable to matchmake with opponents that match your low rated squad as you begin playing myClub. Not to mention the amount of formation customization PES allows to make during online play. I’ve faced opposition who had seven forward players at centering your D-box with a couple of defenders to feed them with long balls. You not only feel helpless, but the real taste of football is never really there. And, at some point, you too are being forced to make formation adjustment to something that isn’t football. So, there should be a strict limitation on how far the players can be positioned just like the limitation that squad management has in regular matches against the AI.


Despite these known facts, all the other features such as the Divisions, Become A Legend, Master League, etc are still fun to play. As always, Konami isn’t too keen to release their latest PES with updated team rosters, which might come later, in the upcoming monthly updates. The players’ looks have been slightly updated from PES 2020 making them look closely to their current looks, except for David Beckham who looks more like a teenager now. when you observe them during goal celebrations or match highlights. It may feel unworthy to buy the season update but, in my opinion, it won’t hurt the fans. There’s a still a new leaderboard to compete on and build up a new squad with newly introduced legend players. Those who are new to this game, eFootball PES 2021 Season Update will surely feel like the best soccer situation to play.


Sarwar Ron, NoobFeed
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Platform(s): PS4
Publisher(s): Konami
Developer(s): Konami, PES Productions, Konami Digital Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
Genres: Sports
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Release Date: 2020-09-15

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