Top 5 Best Video Games of 2019 So Far

What are the best video games of 2019 so far

By Grayshadow, Posted 24 Mar 2019

We are about 4 months into 2019 and yet we've seen so many incredible video game releases. It feels like the holiday season came early this year with titles such as Jump Force, Metro Exodus, Crackdown 3, and so many more. With so many video game releases we had to pick some favorites. Here are our picks for the top 5 best games of 2019 so far.

Metro Exodus,NoobFeed,

5. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus didn't start off strong thanks to an unpopular exclusive deal with Epic Games. However, the game itself excelled, providing the same intense combat that the previous games had. As Robert stated in his review, "Metro Exodus won't appeal to everyone; but if you walk along to its slow pace and take your time with what it has to show and tell, you'll be in for one of the most powerful post-apocalyptic journeys out there." 

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4. Apex Legends

Coming out of nowhere Apex Legends quickly became a hit. Amassing a community of millions of players within days and over 50 million within a month, Respawn Entertainment came out swinging with their latest title. Not only was the shooting and classes well-rounded and carrying Respawn quality but the revolutionary Ping system has become a new requirement for all competitive shooters. This shouldn't come as a surprise considering Respawn's founders are the ones who established the progression system first established in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and still used widely in most competitive games. 

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3. Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 has its faults, like the Frozen world, but delivered a lot of high notes. A combination of excellent boss fights, beautiful visuals, and an exceptional combat system brought the entire adventure together. The adventure was clearly made for fans and newcomers will be lost in the incredibly complex narrative but those who decide to dedicate themselves to the joyful combat system and widely dedicated worlds will find a lot to enjoy. 

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2. Resident Evil 2 2019

After the release of Resident Evil 7, fans were ecstatic that the series has returned to its survival-horror roots. Resident Evil 2 2019 was more of that and gave newcomers and veteran players the chance to experience one of the most iconic horror games of all time.

Everything was recreated but Capcom remained loyal to the source material. Iconic moments such as being chased by Mr. X, encountering the Licker for the first time, and escaping the streets of Raccoon City were all here. Most importantly, Capcom fleshed out the title with multiple campaigns. Granted 2 of the 4 campaigns featured retellings of the original with slight changes but going through each one was terrifying. 

Devil May Cry V,NoobFeed,Capcom,

1. Devil May Cry V

After waiting for was seems like ever Capcom finally delivered Devil May Cry V,  and it was worth it. The over-the-top action and brilliant boss battles that the franchise is known for were here and complemented with one of the best musical scores in the franchise. Newcomer V offer players like myself who enjoy having minions fight on their command while giving fans the ability to play as Nero and the devil hunter legend Dante as well. All the characters provided unique fighting styles that kept gamers engaged with rotating missions. The developers didn't attempt to push anything unnecessary and instead focused on the core concepts, killing demons using style. The cherry on top was the story that gave fans answers and encounters they've been waiting years for.

Shipping 2 million copies within 2 weeks and pushing the series towards its 19 million milestone Devil May Cry V is another masterpiece from Capcom who have been killing it lately.

What are your favorite games of 2019 so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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