The Best PlayStation Plus Double Discount Offers

With Sony starting their digital discounts for PS4 owners we look at the best current offers on sale.

By JakeJeremy, Posted 27 May 2020

Sony have begun offering Double Discounts to members of the PlayStation Plus service. As well as online, free monthly games and DLC, PS Plus members will often get given extra discount to digital downloads.

The physical copies of the 'Days of Play' games have already been discounted on the likes of Amazon, GAME et al. But now players can also get some outstanding offers on titles digitally too.

The first I'll mention is Atlus' JRPG Persona 5. The stylish and beautiful role-playing game is now on sale to PS Plus members for just £9.99, and considering that it is regarding as possibly one of the greatest RPGs ever made? That is certainly worth a purchase if you have not yet ventured into the world of Tokyo in Persona 5.

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Speaking of iconic JRPGs Shenmue III is also on sale now. The sequel to two of the most lauded games in Dreamcast history is now available to buy for PS Plus players for just £21.99. 

If you're missing live football/soccer (aside from the Bundesliga) then Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 Standard Edition for just £4.99 is more than a steal. Regarded by some as the greatest series of football games in history (what's a FIFA?). PES continues to set the standard for alternative footballing simulations.

No Man's Sky is another title that has been featured in the PS Plus Double Discount offering. The game is available to buy at just £17.49 and with the No Man's Sky Beyond VR support it makes it an even more worthwhile purchase. The VR support gives you the opportunity to fully immerse in the flight elements of the game, allowing you to peer out of the cockpit as you're flying over unexplored alien planets.

Rounding out the list of discounts is Assassin's Creed Origins Deluxe Edition. The Ancient Egyptian version of the ongoing series is available to grab for only £12.59

Any games you've grabbed in the sale? Let us know in the comments

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